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The core of education is quality, and the core of quality is teachers. Thus, professional development for teachers is the highest priority at BRS.

BRS Faculty Team

The core of education is quality, and the core of quality is teachers. So strengthening teachers’ training is the essence of our education.
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[dropcap][/dropcap]BRS provides a variety of training opportunities to teachers. We arrange for teachers to participate in academic conference at home and abroad, and fully fund teachers to earn graduate degrees at top international universities. To date, 150 BRS teachers have taken online courses as part of Harvard University’s Wide World “Teach for Understanding” program. 17 Wide World graduates have been certified as program coaches and mentors. 17 teachers have earned Masters in Teaching (MAT) degrees from the University of North Carolina, North Carolina State and Columbia University. Annually, more than 200 teachers participate in academic trainings and conferences.

?Faculty Researchers?

BRS attaches great importance to academic and scientific research.? As a result BRS has established a doctoral team that specializes on connecting teaching and research.? Weekly meetings and schoolwide symposia enable them to develop and share research-based insights that improve instruction schoolwide.? Research is further supported by a 25 million RMB investment in a doctoral research center through which BRS teacher-researchers can collaborate with national education laboratories and interact with educational researchers worldwide.

?Developing Excellent Teachers?

??BRS committed to cultivate international elite teaching team at all costs. BRS provides many long and short term training opportunities to send almost 200 teachers to participate in academic conference at home and abroad, and 17 of whom have been authorized coach teachers by Harvard University. At the same time, BRS encourages and supports teachers to go to world’s top universities to pursue graduate studies and doctoral degree.

?International Curricula?

??BRS firstly introduced AP curriculum in 2006 and had been tone of the earliest school with the most AP subjects, and been authorized as AP Demonstration School by US College Board. In early 2003, BRS opened A-level and IGCSE with Cambridge International Examination, and had been first University of Cambridge International Education Test Center in Beijing. The strong international education resources of BRS provides perfect platform for teachers. AP teachers in BRS have been accredited by US College Board, and more than 22 subjects have been authenticated by US College Board.

?Teaching Reforms?

??BRS implemented the course selection system and credit system management in 2009. We established different teaching objectives and progress based on students level, we well-arrange teachers and actualize individualized teaching caters to requirements of students’ personality development. With advanced educational philosophy and practical teaching experience, we hope that BRS students can excel in future international competition.

?BRS Teachers Author Textbooks?

Based on observation and research into students’ academic needs, BRS faculty have authored a series of bilingual AP course review guides adapted to the Chinese learner. The series currently includes review guides in numerous subjects as diverse as from AP US History, AP Chemistry, and AP Biology.? Designed as supplementary to the official U.S. AP textbooks, the guides are invaluable to the non-native AP student preparing for challenging AP exams.?


??In order to satisfy students’ learning requirements, BRS develop and introduce many international teaching and learning programs, such as Ruibo Reading, K12, GAC, OSSD curriculum. Ruibo Reading follows the advanced US education standards for primary and secondary school in terms of extensive reading. Newly-introduced K12 curriculum aims to give Chinese students the opportunity to enjoy authentic American high-school courses through online teaching. These international programs broaden students’ vision and equip them strong academic backgrounds to study abroad.


??BRS has many excellent teachers who obtain teaching and research awards at home and abroad.

?Student Affairs?

??BRS students receive specific guidance on different colleges, and majors. They receive collge professional college counseling and career planning from the very beginning of their high school year. Students will fully explore their interests, talents and academic aspirations to successfully meet the requirements of their dream universities. BRS Testing and Assessment Center follows foreign university admission standards and holds many international exams on the basis of students’ needs for further studies. Such as AP、A-Level、TOEFL、GRE、PSAT、TPO、U-Excel、Compass、HSK and AMC.