BRS IB Visual Arts Students on An Art Journey to The Anish Kapoor’s Exhibition

To provide the best learning has been the tireless pursuit and attempt of every great BRS teacher. On November 20, five BRS IB Visual Arts students accompanied their teacher Deeksha on an art trip to the Anish Kapoor’s CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Arts) exhibition. Journeying outside one’s comfort zone of a classroom is proven to be one of the most effective approaches to student learning, especially when one seeks the meaning of art.

The subject of this field trip was Anish Kapoor, a British Indian sculptor who specializes in Installation and Conceptual art. This guided discovery lesson provided students with an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the Installation artworks’ theory, as well as how the exhibition space was arranged. As a visual feast for the eyes and a teacher-guided journey into learning, it also helped to inspire and to motivate them, which is a very important aspect to achieve when teaching Visual art to students.

Students prepared for this outing by conducting a lot of research and study about the artist and the artistic concept. This first-hand experience of actually being in a gallery space with a variety of artworks and engaging in face-to-face discussion with the artist during the exhibition, enabled our students to have a greater understanding of the logic and thought process involved in arranging an exhibition. After the outing, students now have a broader perspective and more in-depth views about the concept of installation artworks, and they are now motivated to create artwork of their own either as a stand-alone work of art or as part of an artistic journey.