PYP Handwriting Week │ PYP書法周活動


Handwriting time is also an important skill building lesson. ?Handwriting skills are very important as there are many times during the day where students need to write something down. ?These skills will also be helpful life skills for our students.

This week our school created an opportunity for the students to really improve their handwriting by adding a little sense of competition. ?Even the students that consistently try their personal best with their handwriting really stepped up their performance by being extremely intentional about perfect punctuation and grammar. ?A rubric for the competition was created by our handwriting team to encourage neat and proper letter writing as well as attention to writing details such as punctuation, grammar. ?The students really excelled.

The grades one and two students were required to copy the sentence “My name is ____ and I am in grade __” onto the lined paper.

Grade 3 students were challenged by having to copy their current Central Idea neatly on the lined paper.

And our most experienced writers, our grade fours, were challenged by having to write about their own personality and the Learner Profile attribute that they felt they exemplified most.

Students were able to gain a deeper appreciation of handwriting time and work to improve their writing skills.

The week culminated in the winners of the competition being rewarded.

The top five best samples from each class were chosen and displayed in our school library. ?The winners of the competition each received a prize packet including a pencil, eraser, notebook and sticker all in a handy zip up bag. ?Hopefully these students will feel inspired to use these supplies with pride to practice their writing skills and continually improve.

Each student that participated was given a brand spank’n new pencil as a symbol of appreciation for their efforts and participation. ?We hope the students enjoyed the theme of the week and continue to enjoy developing their writing skills.