Grade Three PYP Explores Science│三年級國際班的“科學”探究

It’s been a dynamic learning experience this unit in Grade Three! We are currently exploring our science-based unit:How The World Works.


In this unit, our students have taken on the role of scientists. They’ve learned about the properties of matter and have used their knowledge of phase changes to make ice cream. They’ve explored the properties of solids, liquids and gases in engaging learning centers. They’ve inquired into electrical energy and have built their very own circuits. They are now in the process of understanding different forms of energy and how they work.


Wednesday’s trip to the Science and Technology Museum was a blast! Our third grade students loved engaging in the hands-on displays and activities the museum had to offer. Students were able to explore the four different kinds of energy we have been learning about.


But the learning didn’t stop there- the students’ curiosity was also triggered by the range of other science topics in the museum. They had ample time to explore and inquire into the things that interested them.


On this field trip, our students were given the opportunity to deepen their understanding of our unit on energy in an engaging, hands-on manner. That is what the PYP is all about! :)